Meet Pamela

Pamela McDowell is a facilitator whose real-world expertise, prescient awareness, and powerful analytic skills allow her to see the big picture of possibilities for your life, relationships, and business.

Born and raised in Colorado, USA, Pamela is a former rocket scientist.

Having performed high-level roles in global corporations and the energy conservation sector, Pamela experienced workplace stress because of the pressure to fit in and get things right.

“What if there was no right way to do anything? What if there was your way?” she says.

Seeking a kinder, more sustainable way of living, she came across the Access Bars® which empowers people to know that they know.

Based in Cairns, Australia, Pamela uses a whole range of Access Consciousness® tools and workshops to inspire people from all walks of life, business owners, and solo entrepreneurs to accelerate change in personal and workplace relationships and achieve more joy and prosperity.

Please contact Pamela for the following

· Bars Classes

· Access Energetic Facelift Classes

· Access Body Process Classes

· Access Foundation Classes

· One-in-one Business Empowerment facilitation

· One-on-one private facilitation for better relationships and personal wellbeing

· Workplace stress relief

· Joy of Business workshops

· Motivational speaking

· Symphony of Possibilities sessions.

Pamela is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, JCF, CFMW, BF, BPF, and AFF

“I encounter people who are doing so much for others. What if you didn’t have to just look after everybody else and could choose what you would like YOUR world to be like?”

Pamela McDowell