# Not Wrong

Okay, so just ponder with me. One month, the impossible, irresistible, not making yourself wrong…

How irresistible is the impossible joy of being wrong?  How irresistible is the impossible choice for not being wrong?

Impossible?  I know!  Will you do it anyway?

# Still Not Wrong

If you’re hooked on being wrong, this might just be just what the doctor ordered — a bootcamp for melting judgements.   30 days to coming out of wrongness with a different topic each month.

What if you could say “thank you very much” to all the judgements coming your way – instead of shying away from them or trying to change you?

What if you could start to recognise the strengths you have in the areas you make yourself wrong?  (And have way too much fun and laughter doing it?)

Would you be willing to allow other people to be uncomfortable as you start to receive more, enjoy your body more, have more fun in business and trust YOU more?

Join me for 30 days of discovering no more wrong with relaxation…
No more wrong with trusting you…
No more wrong with what you know…
And what else?

Each month includes:

  • 30 days of discovering… no more wrong with the topic of the month
  • Weekly zooms 20-50 minutes long (with downloadable recordings)
  • Group Skype chat to connect with Pamela and others in the program
  • Tools, questions, laughter, reminders and surprises for helping you get out of self-judgement and into more possibilities.


November: #Notwrong with Relaxation

One month of exploring #notwrong with Relaxation